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the xena revival project

The Xena Revival Project is a go at creating a continuation story to the TV series, Xena: Warrior Princess, that picks up 20 years following the events of the series finale. This ten-episode story arc is planned to be adapted into a screenplay and pitched to producers.

english 101

A short examination of the weaving of stories of two women who might otherwise be strangers. A wayward college student who had never attended a real school confronts her wild childhood and the limitations of bureaucracy after she's placed in an English as a Second Language class, despite the fact that she has spoken English her entire life. At the same time, her seemingly rigid professor confronts the deterioration of the structure of her controlled life. The meeting between them aids both of them in their search for self-discovery.

vee vs. the water

An alternative universe story about a girl who is allergic to water and becomes suspicious that her immediate surroundings are trying to keep her from discovering her true identity.

the illustrated guide to the thin soul

A short piece written in the style of a children's book including detailed illustrations by Alex Ogden that examines the life of individuals, such as myself, who do not have sufficient mechanisms or thick enough skin to deal with the painful world around them.